Dec 29, 2013

January Workout Calendar


Dec 22, 2013

Back on track for 2014

Dec 19, 2013

New York, New York

We're off to New York! Us Floridians have so much fun shopping for winter clothes since we have no winter in South Florida. I'll be up north for about a week and I pretty much have an outfit or two for each day we'll be there. Coming soon I'll have a look-book for you guys. 

Dec 14, 2013

Winter Time Ramble

Living in South Florida, we don't really get much of a winter. It is currently 80 degrees here, while in some places up north they're just passing a snow storm. Pretty crazy, huh? Well, my family every year goes North for the winter for a few weeks. This year we rented a cabin in upstate NY for 2 weeks. Last year we spent 2 weeks in New England. We experienced our very first snow storm while in Maine.

Dec 13, 2013

Photography Challenge

I found this photography challenge on Pinterest and thought it would be fun to share with you all. What I like about this photo challenge is that it doesn't have to be done in a specific month. Most challenges are geared toward a month in specific. For example the December, they have to do with the holidays and winter. But this one you can do whenever your inspired. And by all means, you don't have to follow this exactly, but it'd definetly be fun to see if you can do it. Who's in with me? Share your pics and I'll share mine as well.

Dec 9, 2013

Get Creative with Photography Projects

Photography projects are a great way to get you to use your camera and take creative pictures. These projects are for yourself, they allow you, the photographer, to learn and see things from a different perspective. You will learn so much in the time you do these projects because it allows you to see more than what your used to seeing. And because its a project that's only for your enjoyment, you don't have to impress anyone but yourself. There are many different project ideas, here are a few...

1. Project 365 - Basically all you do here is take 1 picture everyday for one year. There are blogs that provide you with a theme for each day of the year to inspire you. But by no means do you have to follow them. With this project, you'll use your camera everyday and the ultimate goal would be to capture something new everyday and learn new techniques with your camera. The best way to be good at taking pictures is with practice, not by taking some fancy classes.

2. Project 52- If project 365 sounds a bit overwhelming, project 52 is essentially the same thing but instead you only take 1 picture a week for an entire year (52 weeks in a year). And like project 365, there are themes to follow for each week but of course you can just do your own thing.

3. Photo-walk project- Once a week for one year, you take the time to walk around a different part of your town and take pictures of things in different perspectives. Its a great way to get to know your town as well as getting you on your feet and doing some exercise.

4. 100 strangers - If your an outgoing soul, this is your project. Just like the name states... take pictures of 100 strangers. Maybe your on your weekly photowalk, take a picture of a stranger jogging or having a picnic. Of course you will need the persons permission to take a picture of them, to prevent any legal problems, this is where an outgoing personality would come in handy.

5.Project A-Z - Take a picture representing each letter of the alphabet. It can either be a picture of something that looks like a letter, or it can be a picture that represents a word starting with a certain letter (for example: a sleeping toddler could represent 'P' for Peace. A wad of $100 bills could represent 'M' for money, and so on)

6. Selfie project - Take a selfie a day for one month. It doesn't have to be a picture of your face or of you alone, as long as a piece of your body is in the picture, it counts. The purpose is to be as creative with your selfies as you can. Throw the duck face and mirror picture out the window. I know you can do better than that.

7. Project Dolly- Project Dolly is basically just using a Doll for one picture a day for a month, the Dolly must somehow appear in each picture and each picture should be different and creative. One day you could go to the park and sit Dolly on the grass, another day you take Dolly with you to a petting zoo and picture her next to a goat. Get creative with Dolly. Please note, it doesn't exactly have to be a doll. It just has to be something you can take with you everywhere and take pictures of.

I hope this gives you a few ideas to help you get creative with your camera... or camera phone

Dec 3, 2013

DIY planner

I'm a huge nerd when it comes to school supplies, paper, notebooks, and especially when it comes to planners. I'm nerd enough to have about 3 planners per year, because that's just how much I love them. Well, I decided I wanted the perfect planner for 2014, only 1 planner through the entire year. It had to have everything I needed in a planner and after searching aimlessly for the perfect planner I came across this ( 2013 Daily Planner ). After seeing her beautiful planner, I decided to go ahead and try making my own perfect planner.

Beauty and the Beast Mode

Best way to inspire you into working out, get some fabulous workout gear!Beauty and the Beast Mode

Nov 25, 2013

Why Film Is Better

Being a [early] 90's child, the first half of my life involved camera's with film, disposable cameras and reusable cameras. My dad owned a photoshop and film and printing was easy for me. My dad passed me the film and he printed them as soon as I finished. Point being, I grew up with film camera's.
I'm not going to say I'd rather film over digital because that would be a HUGE lie (I love my DSLR!) But there are a few things better in a digital camera...

Nov 19, 2013

Photo booth!

On my first post I posted a picture of myself and mentioned that it was from a photo booth I had done for my brothers going away party. I wanted to share with you how easy it was to make it happen. And it's a really fun way to gather party memories. People really had a good time posing and being silly. And a few weeks after the party, everyone who took photos at the booth received edited copies of their pictures (yes, lots of editing for me)

This is what you'll need for you very own photobooth:
-a camera (duh) it would help to have one with a timer setting so you can be I'm the pictures too
-a tripod. Do you really want to carry your camera all night?
-fabric to use as a backdrop. I used a large sheet of canvas (About 8x6) but any fabric would do good as long as it's not too sheer or shimmery (for lighting purposes) 
-a flash. I had a flash on my camera and also off camera flash only because during the dance portion of the party, the lights would be off and my camera flash would be enough alone. 
-fun props. I had all kinds of masks, colorful accessories like boas and glasses, capes, wigs... You'd be amazed at people creativity.
-a basket to place the props in. 
-this you don't need, but to avoid people touching your nice camera, an AV cable connected from your camera to a screen would save you from having that problem and people being able to see their pictures after they are taken. 
-extra batteries! 

Here are some of the pictures

Nov 11, 2013

Keeping Memories

The problem with Digital today is that most people don't take the time to print the pictures they take. The beautiful thing about taking pictures is to be able to go back to them years later. Most of us change cameras, phones, computers, and tablets every few years. When we sell the tablet or phone, we simply delete the pictures and start fresh with our new device. But then, whats the purpose of taking pictures? Pictures only make memories if we keep them, right?

Here are some ways to simply and creatively keep your pictures so you don't lose them forever in the digital abyss

-Photo Albums - Its as easy as uploading your pictures to and having them sent to your home a few days later. Then all you have to do is organize them in a photo album.

- Scrap-booking - old fashioned scrap-booking can be fun and a great way to pass time. Print your pictures in various sizes and decorate a page for the pictures, describe the picture so you can remember how you felt and what was going on when the picture was taken. And for those of us tech savvy people, there's digital scrap-booking. Create and design your page, save it to the 'cloud' and print it. I like scrap-booking because not only do you have the picture but you can also describe what was going on when the picture was taken. This adds a more personal and memorable touch to each photograph. Michaels and Joanne's have an extensive collection of scrap booking supplies. You can also shop on for tons of supplies and even digital scrap booking supplies.

-make photobooks - websites like and make custom photobooks. They are super simple to make (just upload the pictures you want, organize them how you want, and blammo your done) and they look professionally made. Ofcourse, you could be like me and complicate things by adding decorations and writing a paragraph for each picture but its not necessary.

-Photobox - It can't get easier than this... grab a big shoe box and stuff your printed pictures inside. Its a wonderful surprise to find a shoe box full of pictures when your spring cleaning your closet.

Nov 8, 2013


Welcome to my blog. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Kat. I live in south Florida. I love taking pictures of my friends and family. I created this blog to showcase some of my pictures. I do this for fun and I really love it.

My dad was a photographer the first half of my life (until I was about 11) and I have learned a lot from him and continue to learn from him. If it wasn't for him, I don't think I'd like taking pictures as much as I do.

I'm always open to critiquing. Any comments or questions, feel free to let me know.

This is me. Photo taken by me (timer) and edited by me. This was a test pic from a photo booth I did for my brothers going away party.