Dec 29, 2013

January Workout Calendar


Lets start the year right! I want the month of January to be a good jump start to the rest of the year. I want to slowly get into fitness and do things right. The calendar is simple:

  • Cardio and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), these will help burn fat. In this, you can ride bike for 30 minutes, go for an hour jog, roller skate at the park, anything that gets you moving quick and your heart pacing.I will be posting more information about HIIT workouts.
  • Then you have the three main muscle groups which are Arms Legs and Core to help tone and build muscle. For now, we'll simply be focusing on these larger groups to start and as time passes, we'll go into more specific areas.
  • You will have 2 rest days in between. Resting is important, it helps your regain energy and will help your muscles recuperate. On the rest days, I recommend you take those days and do light and relaxing exercise like yoga or simply stretch yourself out.
  • The schedule is consistent. This month, it is very consistent, easy for you to remember and keep track of. I welcome you to print it out, write on it, and change it for your own needs.

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