Dec 9, 2013

Get Creative with Photography Projects

Photography projects are a great way to get you to use your camera and take creative pictures. These projects are for yourself, they allow you, the photographer, to learn and see things from a different perspective. You will learn so much in the time you do these projects because it allows you to see more than what your used to seeing. And because its a project that's only for your enjoyment, you don't have to impress anyone but yourself. There are many different project ideas, here are a few...

1. Project 365 - Basically all you do here is take 1 picture everyday for one year. There are blogs that provide you with a theme for each day of the year to inspire you. But by no means do you have to follow them. With this project, you'll use your camera everyday and the ultimate goal would be to capture something new everyday and learn new techniques with your camera. The best way to be good at taking pictures is with practice, not by taking some fancy classes.

2. Project 52- If project 365 sounds a bit overwhelming, project 52 is essentially the same thing but instead you only take 1 picture a week for an entire year (52 weeks in a year). And like project 365, there are themes to follow for each week but of course you can just do your own thing.

3. Photo-walk project- Once a week for one year, you take the time to walk around a different part of your town and take pictures of things in different perspectives. Its a great way to get to know your town as well as getting you on your feet and doing some exercise.

4. 100 strangers - If your an outgoing soul, this is your project. Just like the name states... take pictures of 100 strangers. Maybe your on your weekly photowalk, take a picture of a stranger jogging or having a picnic. Of course you will need the persons permission to take a picture of them, to prevent any legal problems, this is where an outgoing personality would come in handy.

5.Project A-Z - Take a picture representing each letter of the alphabet. It can either be a picture of something that looks like a letter, or it can be a picture that represents a word starting with a certain letter (for example: a sleeping toddler could represent 'P' for Peace. A wad of $100 bills could represent 'M' for money, and so on)

6. Selfie project - Take a selfie a day for one month. It doesn't have to be a picture of your face or of you alone, as long as a piece of your body is in the picture, it counts. The purpose is to be as creative with your selfies as you can. Throw the duck face and mirror picture out the window. I know you can do better than that.

7. Project Dolly- Project Dolly is basically just using a Doll for one picture a day for a month, the Dolly must somehow appear in each picture and each picture should be different and creative. One day you could go to the park and sit Dolly on the grass, another day you take Dolly with you to a petting zoo and picture her next to a goat. Get creative with Dolly. Please note, it doesn't exactly have to be a doll. It just has to be something you can take with you everywhere and take pictures of.

I hope this gives you a few ideas to help you get creative with your camera... or camera phone

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