Dec 24, 2013

30 Facts About Me

1. I'm 22 years old
2. I've lived in Florida my entire life
3. I come from a Cuban/American family
4. I am a Montessori Spanish teacher
5. I'm majoring in early childhood education
6. I live with my parents and my brother (my other brother lives in NY)
7. I have a very tight knit family including my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and plenty of cousins.
8. I suck at math
9. I have a cat named Lily and a dog named Emy
10. I'm the proud owner of a Mini Cooper
11. I weigh 108 lbs and measure 5'2
12. My favorite stores are Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters
13. I love to plan everything, even though my plans don't pull through 90% of the time
14. I'm a messy person due to my laziness
15. I'm a curious girl. I like to learn new things and try everything at least once
16. I love buying makeup and have an extensive collection, but I rarely wear much of it
17. I own over 60 pairs of shoes
18. My mom creates my outfits and I just edit them to my style
19. I've been dying my hair since I was 15
20. I like hurricanes. Having no electricity brings people closer together.
21. My favorite flower is the orchid
22. It's really hard for me to save money
23.I love to write... anything. Just aslong as my hands on the paper and the pen is moving.
24.I can't be bored. I will always find something to do to keep me busy
25. The city is the best place to live (in my opinion)
26. I had my first kiss at 18
27. In my group of friends, I'm the only one not in a relationship
28. My hair and nails grow at an eerily fast rate
29. I drink cafe con leche every morning and eat warm cereal every night before bed
30. I'm always up for fun. But I don't mind spending the weekend at home, eating pizza, and watching movies alone.

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