Dec 3, 2013

DIY planner

I'm a huge nerd when it comes to school supplies, paper, notebooks, and especially when it comes to planners. I'm nerd enough to have about 3 planners per year, because that's just how much I love them. Well, I decided I wanted the perfect planner for 2014, only 1 planner through the entire year. It had to have everything I needed in a planner and after searching aimlessly for the perfect planner I came across this ( 2013 Daily Planner ). After seeing her beautiful planner, I decided to go ahead and try making my own perfect planner.

 It's pretty simple...

-a binder. The size of my binder is 8.5 x 5.5. I bought mine at Target
-scrapbook paper
-Your favorite sticky notes
-double sided table
-washy tape
-a calendar template (click here for awesome planner page templates)
-folder pockets
- a printer (or you could have yours custom printed at Staples )

Here are some pictures

Planner Cover

Calendar Pages
Weekly Planner
Space for your notes
Tabs made of scrapbook paper.
Front of Binder. Little Pocket is from one of my scrapbooks, tabs are placed using double sided tape
The cover page,made with scrapbook paper and decorated with stickers. The pen holder is made of sturdy fabric and the tips are glued on.

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