Nov 25, 2013

Why Film Is Better

Being a [early] 90's child, the first half of my life involved camera's with film, disposable cameras and reusable cameras. My dad owned a photoshop and film and printing was easy for me. My dad passed me the film and he printed them as soon as I finished. Point being, I grew up with film camera's.
I'm not going to say I'd rather film over digital because that would be a HUGE lie (I love my DSLR!) But there are a few things better in a digital camera...

1. You can't get better quality pictures anywhere else- My father was one to believe digital would never beat the quality of film. Film isn't pixelated, its the picture in its entirety, and he's right. Today we can get a 10 megapixel camera and that doesn't top the details in a film camera.

2. It gives your pictures a vintage feel. I'm a sucker for vintage and anything that will make my pictures look the part, gets my stamp of aproval. Especially since most film cameras don't have those high tech settings, the pictures get a different look.

3. The excitement never ends with film! Never knowing exactly what your picture will look like is one of the fun parts of film. After picking up your pictures from the lab, you open them and look at those pictures with adoring eyes. The first time you actually saw your picture in your hands and you had to wait for it.

Here are some of my favorite film pictures (taken by me)

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