Nov 11, 2013

Keeping Memories

The problem with Digital today is that most people don't take the time to print the pictures they take. The beautiful thing about taking pictures is to be able to go back to them years later. Most of us change cameras, phones, computers, and tablets every few years. When we sell the tablet or phone, we simply delete the pictures and start fresh with our new device. But then, whats the purpose of taking pictures? Pictures only make memories if we keep them, right?

Here are some ways to simply and creatively keep your pictures so you don't lose them forever in the digital abyss

-Photo Albums - Its as easy as uploading your pictures to and having them sent to your home a few days later. Then all you have to do is organize them in a photo album.

- Scrap-booking - old fashioned scrap-booking can be fun and a great way to pass time. Print your pictures in various sizes and decorate a page for the pictures, describe the picture so you can remember how you felt and what was going on when the picture was taken. And for those of us tech savvy people, there's digital scrap-booking. Create and design your page, save it to the 'cloud' and print it. I like scrap-booking because not only do you have the picture but you can also describe what was going on when the picture was taken. This adds a more personal and memorable touch to each photograph. Michaels and Joanne's have an extensive collection of scrap booking supplies. You can also shop on for tons of supplies and even digital scrap booking supplies.

-make photobooks - websites like and make custom photobooks. They are super simple to make (just upload the pictures you want, organize them how you want, and blammo your done) and they look professionally made. Ofcourse, you could be like me and complicate things by adding decorations and writing a paragraph for each picture but its not necessary.

-Photobox - It can't get easier than this... grab a big shoe box and stuff your printed pictures inside. Its a wonderful surprise to find a shoe box full of pictures when your spring cleaning your closet.

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